Mountain Dew Interactive VR

For Mountain Dew Jay Harwood and Bruno Ferrari Directed a 3 minute guided experience that put you in the driving seat next to 3 of the worlds fastest NASCAR drivers. As you drive round the race track you are prompted to make a decision of brand flavors that will take round a fantastical world that symbolizes that flavor.  With 9 unique routes you can drive through creates an adrenaline ride of a life time. 



In Experience video of the celebrity drivers


Creative Director: Cameron Templeton
Senior Copywriter: Sam Isenstein
Co-Directors: Bruno Ferrari & Jay Harwood
VP, Content Development: Seth Tabor
Head of Production: Will Russell
Executive Producer: Chris Grey
Program Director: Katie Leo
Producers: Ezequiel Asnaghi, Erik Gullstrand, William Russell
Technical Director: Ron White
Concept Art: Yun Chen, Bruno Ferrari, Jay Harwood
VFX: Mike Bourbeau
3D Artists: Jay Harwood, Zed Bennett, Mike Bourbeau, Yun Chen, Anthony Patti
Character Animation: Mike Bourbeau, Kevin Scott
Rigging: Mike Bourbeau
Unreal Artists: Ron White, Mike Bourbeau
Unreal Developers: Matthew Modaff, Jeffrey Soldan
Sound Design: Dan Dzula
Music: Gene Back
Motion Capture: MotionCaptureNYC