Showreel 2012
Showreel 2012
Design and Direction, Playtime
The Art of Patron
VFX/VR Supervisor
Design and Direction
Lead Lighting and Look developement
The Minds Eye | Art Direction
Art Direction
Lead Artist
Vitamin Water - IT
Leading lighting and look Dev
Honda, Hands
CG Artist
Audi - Print
Art Direction Print
Honda | Jazz
Lead Lighting and Look Dev
AOL Gathr - StoreFront
Lead Lighting and Look Dev
Personal Work
Art Direction
Interactive Media
Photo-real visualizations that are interactively explored or changed.
Honda 360
I worked with Jay Harwood and Rachel Rardin at Ruse Studios on these two videos. The renders were done with 3dsmax and Vray, and were used on Honda's website to promote their cars with interactive 360 turnarounds.
VFX Artist
Super Mario
CG Artist
Coors | Third Shift
Lead Lighting and Look Development
Yes Virginia - Christmas Special
Technical Director
Vitamin Water - Product Animation
End tag for Vitamin Water commercial, All CGI.
Orange - Gondola
Lead Artist
Bits and Pieces
Design, Design Motion Pieces and tests
Currys | Computing
Lead Lighting and look Development
Egg and spoon race
Personal Brief
CG Artist
James Bond | Title Sequence
On Set assistant, Footage, Textures, HDRI, etc
Royal Bank of Canada
CG Artist
Screw Bit Alphabet
Photography - Alphabet
Macy's Commercial
CG Artist
Personally Designed and made Desk
Insulation `
A material study, exploring the complex material foam in all it's different forms. These were some of my favourite pieces, shown in one project
First Life | David Attenborough | Documentary
VFX Artist and Designer for Type
Intel - Me the Musical
Lead Lighting and Look Dev
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