Lulu Rouge - Smoke Through Fire - Music Promo

Smoke through fire is a music promo for Lulu Rouge, inspired by the lyrics the narrative follows a relationship breaking apart, each scene is representative of a different force that effects the relationship, the centrifugal force that plays most prominently throughout the piece pushes and pulls the dancers that esculates to a point of break. Covered in ash and dirt our protagonist fights through the violent metaphores, the antogonist slowly realises that the failing relationship is due to his actions and ultimately loses the most.

The symbolism is represented through choreography from dancers Ask La Cour and Georgina Pazcoguni a Principal and Soloist from New York City Ballet. The different dance and movement was motion captured together, catching all the nuances  of these exceptional dancers. 

Music by Lulu Rouge

Directed by Jay Harwood

Producer Ben Kainz
CG Artist - Jay Harwood
Editor - Amy Adair
Compositing - Jay Harwood and Rachel Rardin

Choreographer - Phil Chan
Male Dancer - Ask la Cour
Female Dancer - Georgina Pazcoguin

Motion Capture by Motion Capture NYC

Extra Rendering and Special Thanks to Feed Me Light